Saturday March 03 | 2012 16:22:56

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IAL Consultants is a global chemical industry consultancy specializing in polyurethane market reports and research, as well as other key areas such as thermal insulation, adhesives & sealants, flavours & fragrances and other specialty plastics and chemicals.

IAL has over 40 years experience publishing industrial market reports and delivering proprietary consulting projects to the worlds leading chemical companies.

Based in London and with offices in Summit, NJ, San Francisco, CA, New Delhi, and Beijing, IAL Consultants is the world's leading third party technical and commercial expert in the field of Polyurethane chemicals and products, such as polyols, isocyanates, MDI and TDI.

Our services are designed to answer industry critical questions and drive client-specific initiatives via a combination of in-depth, targeted and validated evidence and expert industry market analysis.